Modern Calligraphy can be a particularly useful skill for anyone that has an exciting event coming up and if you want all the finishing touches to look extra fancy...or you are just a total show off and want to label all your notebooks and presents with exceptionally nice writing (my favourite reason, no judgements here). 

If you would like me to host a private or corporate workshop please email me, I can come to your space or arrange a suitably stylish venue that suits you.




Thursday 21st December - Sans Pere, Shoreditch *Brush Calligraphy* £60


Saturday 13th January - Town House, Spitalfields £65 - SOLD OUT

Monday 22nd January - Carousel, Marylebone *Brush Calligraphy* £55

Tuesday 23rd January - Pearl & Groove Bakery, Notting Hill £60

Friday 26th January - Town House, Spitalfields £65


16th - 18th February - Suffolk Pilates Retreat featuring my Calligraphy Class £450

Tuesday 20th February - Pearl & Groove Bakery, Notting Hill - £60

Friday 23rd February - Town House, Spitalfields £65

Tuesday 27th February - Palm Vaults, Hackney £70


Saturday 10th March - Carousel, Marylebone (The day before Mother's Day, bring your Mums!) £70

Tuesday 13th March - Pearl & Groove Bakery, Notting Hill - £60

Saturday 17th March - Town House, Spitalfields £65


Tuesday April 10th - Palm Vaults, Hackney - £70

Monday 16th April - Carousel, Marylebone £55



CAN'T MAKE THESE DATES? Have a private lesson! It would take place in Hackney, London and cost £120 (or £80 each for two, £70 for three etc) for 2 hours and includes your starter materials to take home with you. The lesson can be completely tailored to your personal needs and desired future projects.


Renegade Handmade Fair, 9th & 10th December 2017

Alice was an absolute delight, talking us through the basics and everyone in the class was so well looked after by her- despite there being 8 of us I think everyone felt like it was a private lesson.
— Amy attended a class at Hatch, Oct 2017

When I started looking into learning Modern Calligraphy in 2014, no such classes existed in London. I had to teach myself with the help of lots of reading on Besotted and Iampeth (look them up, they are so wise). I ended up spending a lot of money on the wrong equipment. It still pains me to remember it. And because I couldn't work out if my tools were wrong or whether it was my technique, it took me a very long time to reach a stage where I could bear to show the general public. 

So I created the Calligraphy Starter Kit to solve the issue of wasting money on unnecessary beginners supplies... and then I started running workshops so I could correct technique which can make learning a lot quicker.

All problems solved. (Well, just as long as you do your practice...)