Modern Calligraphy can be a particularly useful skill for anyone that has an exciting event coming up and if you want all the finishing touches to look extra fancy...or you are just a total show off and want to label all your notebooks and presents with exceptionally nice writing (my favourite reason, no judgements here). 

If you would like me to host a private or corporate workshop please email me, I can come to your space or arrange a suitably stylish venue that suits you.




Tuesday 20th February - Pearl & Groove Bakery, Notting Hill £60 - SOLD OUT

Friday 23rd February - Town House, Spitalfields £65 - SOLD OUT

Tuesday 27th February - Palm Vaults, Hackney £65 - 2 tickets left...


7th & 8th March - Print Club London *Brush Lettering AND Screenprinting* £100

Saturday 10th March - Carousel, Marylebone (The day before Mother's Day, bring your Mums!) £70

Tuesday 13th March - Pearl & Groove Bakery, Notting Hill £65 - SOLD OUT

Saturday 17th March - Town House, Spitalfields £65 - SOLD OUT


Tuesday April 10th - Palm Vaults, Hackney - £65

Saturday 14th April - Town House, Spitalfields £65

Monday 16th April - Carousel, Marylebone £55

Tuesday 17th April - Pearl & Groove, Notting Hill £65


Tuesday 8th May - Pearl & Groove, Notting Hill £65

Friday 11th May - Town House, Spitalfields £65

Saturday 2nd June - Town House, Spitalfields £65

3rd & 4th July - Hampton Court Flower Show - Free with your HCFS ticket 


CAN'T MAKE THESE DATES? Have a private lesson! It would take place in Hackney, London and cost £120 (or £80 each for two, £70 for three etc) for 2 hours and includes your starter materials to take home with you. The lesson can be completely tailored to your personal needs and desired future projects.



Alice was an absolute delight, talking us through the basics and everyone in the class was so well looked after by her- despite there being 8 of us I think everyone felt like it was a private lesson.
— Amy attended a class at Hatch, Oct 2017

When I started looking into learning Modern Calligraphy in 2014, no such classes existed in London. I had to teach myself with the help of lots of reading on Besotted and Iampeth (look them up, they are so wise). I ended up spending a lot of money on the wrong equipment. It still pains me to remember it. And because I couldn't work out if my tools were wrong or whether it was my technique, it took me a very long time to reach a stage where I could bear to show the general public. 

So I created the Calligraphy Starter Kit to solve the issue of wasting money on unnecessary beginners supplies... and then I started running workshops so I could correct technique which can make learning a lot quicker.

All problems solved. (Well, just as long as you do your practice...)