The Original Lettermate

The Original Lettermate


I am very excited to stock the one and only Original Lettermate from here in the UK! 

All the way from California, the Lettermate is a small addressing guide that enables you to write in straight, consistent, and evenly spaced lines every time.

What is the difference between the Original and the 2nd Edition, I hear you ask?

The Original = 4 evenly spaced slots

The 2nd Edition = two large slots for the names/titles and three smaller slots for more fun lettering. Both listings show photos to illustrate this, so do have a peek.

For further details, inspiration, and videos, visit:

Size: 5"x4"
Material: Durable, translucent plastic for accurate placement on your envelope
Address Windows: Die cut windows for straight, evenly spaced lines every time
Fits a wide range of envelopes including square, A7, A6, and 4 Bar sizes.
Envelopes & pens not included.

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