Calligraphy Starter Kit; The Fanciest Edition

Calligraphy Starter Kit; The Fanciest Edition

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You are purchasing the NEW & IMPROVED FOURTH EDITION BOX!
A box full to the brim with the perfect supplies to master Modern Calligraphy.

It took me months of practice and I spent a lot of money trying out different nibs, inks and papers to start feeling happy with my lettering, patience and practice are the key, and having all the right tools will hopefully make that awkward learner stage as short as possible.

The Fanciest of the Fancy Edition Box includes:

- A Nikko G nib (for beginners)
- Blue pumpkin nib (for once you've done lots of practice)
-  Dark wooden straight penholder & Black oblique penholder
- Jar of the finest black calligraphy ink
- Letter Formation Guide Sheets in my style of my Modern Calligraphy
- Practice Makes Perfect guide sheet to good warm-up exercises
- THE MASTER LIST. Oh yes the Master List. All of my favourite calligraphy blogs/shops/suppliers/products, all the knowledge that I didn't have when I started out

- Gum Arabic to stop ink bleeding on fibrous papers

- Dr Ph Martens White ink

- Perfect A4 Layout Pad for practicing: just see-through enough to see your guide sheets underneath

Additional extras available at check-out:

- The 'It's Polite To Write' Tote Bag!
- The Lettermate 2nd Edition: The most useful tool to address your envelopes perfectly every time (

All designed and put together by Alice Gabb, in Hackney, London.
Box size: 20cm long x 15cm wide x 6.5cm deep

Please message for UK next day delivery- or extra fast international delivery as it can usually be arranged.

Tote Bag:
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