Modern Calligraphy can be a particularly useful skill for determined Brides (or nominated Bridesmaids!) who want to do some or all of the event stationery yourself. Or if you just have a massive party coming up and you want all the finishing touches to look extra fancy. Or you are just a total show off and want to  label all your notebooks and presents with exceptionally nice writing (my favourite reason, no judgements here).


Next classes:

23rd January 2016 - Details & Tickets

9th February 2016  - Details & Tickets

When I started looking into learning Modern Calligraphy in 2014, no such classes existed in London. I had to teach myself with the help of lots of reading on Besotted and Iampeth (look them up they are invaluably wise). I ended up spending a lot of money on the wrong equipment. It still pains me to remember it. And because I couldn't work out if my tools were wrong or whether it was my technique, it took SO LONG to reach a stage where I felt comfortable to offer it as a paid service.

So I created the Calligraphy Starter Kit to solve the issue of wasting money on unnecessary beginners supplies.

And then I started running workshops so I could correct technique which can make learning a lot quicker.

All problems solved.